Client Work: Digital / Websites


UBC Community Engagement 2020-2021

Website Transformation


In 2020, we were engaged by the Community Engagement office at UBC to help develop strategies around how to better share the stories of how UBC engages and collaborates with community-based partners. As a core part of this work, we quickly realized that the unit’s website was outdated, confusing to navigate, and visually inconsistent. Further, no one on the team had the skills needed to update it utilizing the university’s Content Management System. We recommended a complete transformation of the website and involved the team throughout the process, from initial discovery to providing training on using the CMS.

The project began with the creation of a complete page-inventory of the existing site. From there, we worked with staff to determine a content plan, new site architecture and design template. The new site was built and content created or migrated over, resulting in a visually cohesive site with a more intuitive site map and streamlined architecture. 

Visit the site.

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