Julie Gordon

Storytelling + Strategy

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First Peoples' Cultural Council

Endangered Languages Project

The Endangered Languages Project is an online portal for sharing information and resources about the world's at-risk languages. In 2011, I worked with the project's founders to develop an outreach strategy, strategic plan and to help promote the launch of endangeredlanguages.com.

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Metro Vancouver

Recycling Directory

In 2009, Metro Vancouver created an online, searchable database to help residents and businesses find ways to reuse and recycle unwanted items. This project involved planning work for the site's content and user interface and research to populate the database.

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First Peoples' Cultural Council

Our Living Languages Exhibition

In 2014, the First Peoples' Cultural Council and the Royal BC Museum unveiled Our Living Languages, a groundbreaking multi-media exhibition about First Nations languages in BC. I provided communications support and acted as liaison between the partners for the event launch.

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